Top 4 Casual & Confident Clothing Styles for Men

Is there a secret to looking simultaneously cool as a cucumber while also ready to take on the world? How does the entrepreneurial spirit of today embody itself clearly and succinctly through a sense of style? With TFL Apparel, achieving a men’s style that is both casual and confident is easy — but that doesn’t mean a few pointers aren’t in order. Let’s take a look at four ways that you can achieve a casual and confident clothing style that matches your personality and says to the world that you mean business — even in a t-shirt and jeans.

Blue “Time Focus Loyalty” men’s tee

Don’t Be Afraid of Color 

Simple, neutral tones have their time and place to be utilized, but when it comes to conveying casual confidence, don’t be afraid to embrace some pops of color. For daily casual wear, a little bit of color can carry with it a lot of confidence. This doesn’t have to be overly complicated — choose a simple, colorful shirt and partner it with your favorite pair of dark jeans and a clean pair of sneakers, and you’re set. There’s a reason why some males in the animal kingdom have a little bit of a dramatic flair for color — you tend to stand out, and that’s sort of the point. A prime example of this type of colorful shirt is the TFL Successful Man tee.

TFL Stronger Together fleece hoodie and jogger set

Simple Accessories Go a Long Way

Sometimes the weather can give you cues as to how you should go about achieving your casual-yet-confident look. In cooler weather, simple accessories and tasteful layers can be your friend. When the days begin to cool in the fall or winter months, pair your confident t-shirt with a simple, clean hoodie, sweater, or jacket. Wrap a simple scarf around your neck on chilly days along with a nice hat, and you’re set, mister. TFL apparel has some perfect options for casual confidence when the temperature falls, like our TFL Stronger Together fleece hoodie and jogger set.

Young entrepreneur wearing a sports coat

Sports Jackets Boost Your Business Casual Look

When you need to up your classy game a bit, the solution can be as simple as supplementing your stylish casual look with a nice sports jacket. A nicely fitting sports coat can easily elevate your style without compromising your cool, casual confidence. There are certainly occasions where slacks and ties are required, but when the idea is cool confidence, a sports coat over a nice, colorful t-shirt can carry you a long way. This look is ideal for the man who wishes to add some professionalism to their look while still staying grounded. Try pairing a sports jacket with the TFL Entrepreneur tee!

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Confidence Is a Mindset

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that your confidence begins in your mind — the right set of stylish threads just helps to more easily communicate that confidence to the world around you. At TFL Apparel, our goal is to provide our customers, both men and women, with bold, stylish clothing that enhances what’s already there — your entrepreneurial spirit, your determination, and your desire to always be chasing greatness. That takes Time, Focus, and Loyalty. That takes TFL. Welcome to the TFL Lifestyle

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